Online Course Basics on Anti-corruption (3)

AC course on LRC

The online course has been developed by the Democratic Governance Group, Bureau for Development Policy, and the Learning Resources Centre of the Office of Human Resources, Bureau of Management, with support from practitioners and offices around the world.
The course builds on UNDP’s accumulated knowledge and experience on anti-corruption programming and has benefited from substantive contributions from partners and donors including UNODC, U4, NORAD, AusAID and UN Staff College in Turin.

The course is divided into four lessons. These include:
1) concepts and definitions of corruption and anti-corruption;
2) linkages between anti-corruption and development;
3) norms, standards and frameworks at the global, regional and country level to fight corruption;
4) UNDP’s niche in anti-corruption programming using UN Convention against Corruption as an entry point.

We will share the web version as a zip file, which needs to downloaded and files needs to be extracted and uploaded to the website. We have developed the course in Flash. “Index.html” is the file to be launched to view the course.

The size of the web version is approx 45 MB and we will share the version by Monday (6th May).

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