Colombia business group and UNDP push for good practices in anti-corruption

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and UNDP Colombia have launched a guidebook, “Buenas prácticas empresariales de lucha contra la corrupción” (Good Business Practices in the Fight Against Corruption).

The guidebook presents three private sector experiences identified as good practices of transparency for possible replication by other private sector organizations. A chapter in the book discusses a UNDP methodology for choosing such good practices, along with other criteria that allow the adaptation of the methodology to the particular dynamics of the private sector.

Below is an English translation of the guidebook’s Introduction:

“Following the recommendation of the UNCAC on the joint partnership between United Nations agencies with public and private actors, and in order to integrate new key stakeholders in the fight against corruption to fulfill their mission in terms of transparency, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been working together with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, in the context of a strategic alliance to promote transparency and prevent corruption in the private sector, with the understanding that an institutional culture based on ethics is one of the best antidotes against corruption.
“This document presents three experiences of the private sector, which, after being analyzed, were identified as good practices of transparency, with the possibility of being replicated by other private sector organizations.
“One of the chapters of the document is dedicated to presenting a methodology developed and tested by UNDP, introducing some methodological adjustments to select those initiatives that include, in addition to the features traditionally addressed by UNDP, other criteria that allow the adaptation of the methodology to the particular complexities and dynamics of the private sector.
“Finally, each experience is explained in great detail, including its objective and justification and the initial situation which led to the need to implement the practice. Furthermore, the  criteria mentioned in the methodology is verified, the situation after the implementation is described, as well as the lessons learned from the whole process of construction and execution of the exercise.”


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